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The family of companies, Action Towing Inc., Pro Auto Care and Pro Auto Collision is, in fact, an actual family corporation. Originally started by John Lavo Sr. after he moved from Ohio in 1986, leaving a similar, successful business to come to Florida. After his son became dissatisfied with the corporate world, he joined his dad in the venture. Since his dad’s retirement, John Karl now oversees operations. The youngest son, Dan, also moved from Ohio in January of 1996, taking over the towing side of the business. Thus, Action Towing Inc. was born, working out of the same location.
The operations grew larger and outgrew their original location on West Linebaugh Avenue in Tampa until, towards the middle of that same year, they bought and moved to their present location at 11207 Sheldon Road, also in Tampa. This expanded operation included another son, Mark, who was gifted artisan¬¬ and perfectionist in body work and paint. His addition to the company led to the formation of the final company, Pro Auto Collision Inc. in 1997.
Each company represents excellence in its individual field. A company is only as good as its key employees and this one is no different. Whether it is competent, timely towing, outstanding body work and painting or excellence in automotive repairs and maintenance, reflected in their work, each company is staffed with skilled technician and artisans.

Our Team

 One such invaluable asset with one of the companies, the “right hand” man, front office manager and repairs coordinator for Pro Auto Collision, Inc., is Joseph Cummings. Although highly experienced in both body work and the intricacies of insurance claims, his most valuable contribution to the company is his world class customer service. A long-time employee and loyal friend, Joseph is considered an important part of the corporate family
With a well-deserved reputation for quality, as evidenced by their level of service excellence, Pro Auto Collision Inc. has been a recent recipient of the highly acclaimed CarStar award. Constantly looking to improve operations, this family of companies looks optimistically forward to the future.

John Lavo

Founder / CEO

John Lavo


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Rebecca Miller

Administrative and Personnel Manager

Gregory Bowen-Bryant

Lead Dispatch


Dennis Naumann

Operations Manager